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NAWA® develops, produces and sells medical products for the treatment of injuries, acute and chronic wounds and the care and regeneration of stressed skin.

The health and well-being of our users is our goal.

With the use of the products by the German national soccer team at the World Cup in Italy in 1990, NAWA® achieved its first success. Based on this, NAWA® developed a range of different ointments, creams, gels, solutions and sprays. All products are scientifically tested, proven by studies and confirmed by users.

NAWA® wound and tissue healing from the experts – innovative and competent.

Our guiding principle is

Effective and reasonable support for the body’s physiological processes

  • to achieve optimal healing by strengthening the body’s autoreparation powers,
  • to increase performance and regenerative capacity and
  • to offer effective prophylaxis.

NAWA® wound and tissue healing from the experts

We research the complex metabolic processes of injuries, wound and tissue healing and work together with internationally recognized experts – always striving to support healing in the best possible way with the products or to prevent tissue damage. As a specialist in modern wound care, NAWA® offers under NAWA® MEDICAL numerous products for cleaning, decontamination and healing (treatment) of acute and chronic wounds. Further product lines are:

NAWA® Activity – the line for active people for (first) aid for injuries, to prevent muscle problems and for a faster regeneration.

StriaSan® – the line for the prevention of stretch marks and the regeneration of the stretched tissue after childbirth. Developed in collaboration with gynecologists.

NAWA – Innovative and competent

Our goals are:

  • to achieve the best effectiveness with maximum tolerance
  • to fulfill the highest safety and quality standards for the products.

NawaLution Woundcare

The brand for state-of-the-art wound treatment with products for the cleansing, decontamination and healing of acute and chronic wounds.

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Elektrolyt-Salbe S etc.

The products for first aid with minor injuries – cleanse gently, promote healing, inhibit infections and prevent scar formation.

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The products for first aid with injuries and the optimal preparation and regeneration at physical stress and sports activities.

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The medical devices for the skin during and after pregnancy – prevent stretch marks and support the recovery of the stretched tissue.

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Our quality

We only make high quality medical products.
This means:

  • Proven effectiveness
  • Tested and monitored security
  • Risk assessment and extensive analysis of the ingredients

The company is certified according to

  • Directive 93/42 / EEC, Annex II
  • EN ISO 13485: 2016 and
  • is approved by the FDA.

Principles for the development

All our products are:

  • Free of silicone
  • Free from micro plastics
  • Free from mineral oil, MOAH, MOSH
  • Free from paraffin
  • Free from wool wax (potentially contact allergenic)
  • Free from alcohol
  • Free from animal raw materials
  • Free from potentially allergenic ingredients such as fragrances, colors and essential oils
  • 100% use of palm oil derivatives certified according to the Mass Balance model
  • Doping-free

Scientifically tested and controlled

NAWA® successfully carried out, inter alia, in collaboration with the University of Miami (Dep. Of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery – William H. Eaglstein, MD, Professor and Chairman, Patricia M. Mertz, Professor, and Stephen C. Davis, Assistant Professor) the following statistically significant studies in the field of wound and tissue healing:

The study results were presented at national (US-American) and international congresses and symposia to the professional world.

the NAWA® Activity products were specially developed from the high demands of top-class sport together with doctors and physiotherapists.

The research in the field of collagen synthesis led to the development of the product line StriaSan® for the prevention of stretch marks, minimization of existing stretch marks and to support skin and tissue regression/regeneration after childbirth.

In addition, NAWA® has been a partner in a funding project of the High-Tech-Offensive Future Bavaria with a focus on innovation, technical progress and the development of cutting-edge technology in medical technology.

Together with scientific experts and doctors, the products are constantly checked for further improvement and development. They are again and again part of studies and observational studies. The results are presented at congresses and events.